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Apr 11, 2019

Paul Gray is joined by Catherine Toon in this episode of Grace To All!

Dr. Catherine Toon relates how academic and medical excellence didn’t prevent her from making undesirable relationship choices…but that all changed when she was awakened and became aware of God’s Unconditional Love for her…and all people. Paul Gray discusses practical everyday life benefits of joy of knowing we are Marked by Love!

Catherine Toon, MD, is highly accomplished in a variety of careers. As an MD in residency, Catherine’s life was radically transformed when she encountered the real Jesus, who walked her out of years of heavy bondage. In the process, He birthed a deep compassion in her to reach out to others with the love and power of a wildly passionate God who heals, transforms, restores the broken, oppressed and infirm and releases them into powerful destinies.

After practicing medicine for 4 years, she retired to raise her children and wholeheartedly pursue God’s call on her life.
She has ministered in numerous spiritual capacities including prayer, healing, prophetic coaching, wholeness coaching, training, teaching, preaching and equipping. She has served in a variety of organizations including being 
Director of the Emerge Campus School of Transformation
Imprint, LLC and Catherine Toon Ministries are dedicated to restoring wholeness, revealing identity, and releasing destiny through the unveiling of God’s imprint of Love uniquely expressed in every person. Her books include Marked by Love, (and Marked by Love online course, workbook, leaders’ guide) and Rare and Beautiful Treasures mini-book.

She can be found on Facebook (Catherine Toon) and at