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May 30, 2019

Attorney Richard Murray and Paul Gray discuss the difference between mankind’s judgmental attitude with others versus God’s view of “judgment” which is setting all things right for all people. They discuss how Jesus, the exact representation of God, had the ultimate opportunity to judge, condemn, punish and take retribution of those who murdered him mercilessly. However, in the greatest, most stunning display of ultimate power ever, Jesus forgave totally, loved unconditionally, covered everyone with His grace, and thus showed the Perfect Unconditional Love of the Father.

Richard Murray and his wife, Rita, have 7 children and live in Dalton, Georgia, where he practices law. He is an author, teacher, prolific Face Book communicator, and has done a  tremendous amount of research on the original meaning of Greek and Hebrew words used in the original writing of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.  His articles, videos, and books are available at