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Jul 11, 2019

Tracey S. Yang is a thought leader, business owner, and author. Her desire to influence positive change in the lives of others is the reason why she currently writes, and her written work has appeared in the People Development Network and The Odyssey. Her past experiences, including having a debilitating illness for two years and also experiencing severe bullying have combined with her Christian background as inspirations for her work. Tracey’s first book was as a co-author: Power Up, Super Women: Stories of Courage and Empowerment, which was released in February of 2019. by the publication company Motivation Champs. She has also appeared in several podcasts, television shows, and other forms of press. Some of these include The Japan Times, The Northport Gazette, and the television show The Talk of Alabama.

She decided to follow a career path in entrepreneurship at 12 years old, and she dreamed of one day owning her own entertainment company. Tracey carries the belief that entertainment has the ability to create a much-needed positive change for the world. This desire to influence positive change can be found in all of her work.  One day, as a child, Tracey watched a television show that featured a speaker who spoke about his belief on entertainment and change. He said "Entertainment has the ability to change countries." This statement encouraged Tracey to continue onward with her chosen career path. Due to her determination, passion, and persistence to make her dream a reality, today, Tracey owns the videography company Kyo Production along with her husband John.