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Mar 21, 2019

Kyle Butler joined Paul Gray to tell his story and how knowing Grace To All has changed his life.

Kyle Butler began public speaking at the age of 13 and has ministered since 1992 as youth pastor, Assistant Pastor and Senior Pastor at various churches and ministries. 

In 1999 he started New Beginning Ministries….a ministry of change. Since  2008  the revelation of our Father’s unconditional love and grace has become the main part of his ministry and the thrust of all his teaching.

His passion and desire is to help and teach as many as he can about the unconditional love of our Father and the unlimited grace in the person of Jesus Christ.

Kyle Butler co-hosts “Graceline” live on Facebook Mondays at 8pm EST and co-hosts ‘Thinking into greatness’ also live on Facebook Tuesdays at 7pm EST.  He is an instructor for World Bible School University, an online accredited bible college.

He can be reached on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, at  and