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Oct 31, 2019

Paul Gray interviews Alec Martin who is a husband, a dad, and a business owner who was set on fire by God May 20, 2012. At age 36 while thinking about killing himself, he heard Jesus say, “Just ask me for help.” Alec eventually ended up glued to his kitchen floor where he was totally set free. His life from that point on has been one of healings, miracles, dreams, visions, signs, and wonders. He has been learning from our Holy Spirit for the last seven years. Alec is a simple man who’s heart is to teach, equip, and empower people to walk in their true identity AS Christ. His life’s calling is to tell as many people as he can about the love of God found and seen in Jesus. Holy Spirit revealed to Alec some years ago, that the Word that he carries is the Word that embodies God’s very Thought and Idea about all of humanity. His heart burns for people to fully know, as they have always been fully known by God. He’s the co-founder of The Revival Campaign Foundation