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Apr 4, 2019

Paul Gray is joined by Dr. Roy Richmond in this episode of Grace To All!

Dr. Roy Richmond is a Scribe, Theologian, Teacher, Author and  President of Tree of Life Ministries International, Inc.

He began ministry in 1988 and has pastored several fellowships. He resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with his wife Donna, of 48 years and ministers around the world by way of the World Wide Web and live on Facebook every Sunday morning. He travels abroad and across the United States ministering the Truthful Word of man’s eternal Oneness with Father God, with a clear sounding Word.

Dr. Roy also serves as a Professor and Academic Dean at Global Grace Seminary in Houston, Texas. Since 1988 Roy has written of 68 books pertaining to the Bible.

Additionally, Dr. Roy has translated half of the book of Revelation, the Epistle of Romans, the Epistle of Galatians and Colossians and hundreds of chapters in various books of the Bible, and several thousand sections of verses.

He teaches every Sunday morning at 10 am central time, live on Facebook.

Ministry web page –

YouTube Account is under Dr. Roy E. Richmond, with a large amount of teaching videos.

Facebook – Roy E. Richmond

YouTube –