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Dec 12, 2019

Paul Interviews Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, who has a Doctorate of Ministry in Spiritual Formation. He did his Dissertation Research on Internalized Shame. Dr. Paul Founded HeartConnexion Seminars in 1998 – which continue to this day. They feature BreakThrough Seminars - an experiential learning process to transform internalized shame to internalized grace.  Over-5,000+ have attended and the number grows each month. Dr. Paul offers HeartConnexion Focusing Coaching -an experiential process to deepen and expand your personal journey to find your inner Wisdom that empowers courageous and confident choices to creatively express your Truest-Self. His Couching includes a  specific well-researched process designed to equip you with tools and practices to deepen your access to your inner wisdom so that you can creatively respond to any personal life situation and be more effective in your leadership roles.